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Hatchable Dinosaur Eggs

Hatchable Dinosaur Eggs

Hatchable Dinosaur Eggs

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This Valentine's Day, surprise your child with a magical dinosaur egg. Available in two sizes (1.5-inch egg or 2.5-inch toy), each egg comes with a transparent bag and gift card for effortless gifting. Choose from four captivating styles: solid color, spotted, cracked, or white cracked eggs (random colors provided). To hatch the egg, simply submerge it in a warm glass of water and witness the magic unfold within 2-6 hours. This enchanting gift is perfect for children's Valentine's Day events, gift exchanges, preschool or elementary school gatherings, class activities, school awards, love notes, party favors, and more. Make this holiday extra memorable with a unique and amusing gift that appeals to both boys and girls.

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8 x 10 inches