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What a lovely story about kindness and friendship. Fred the super helps his neighbors fix leaks and invites them to stay at his place. And they have a lovely time together enjoying each other's company. Lovely illustrations too!



Fred the Super Friend is a cute story with wonderful, lively illustrations that young children will enjoy. Children will love the sweet characters, laugh at all the mishaps in the apartment and will be excited to predict what Fred will do to help. As an elementary school teacher I am always looking for stories that will engage children and promote kindness. I look forward to reading this to my students.

Cami Murace


Fred the Super Friend is a charming story of a helpful friend that when presented with a tough situation, is always willing to help. I love this book and it's outlook of seeing the positive side of things. The illustrations are great and overall, an excellent book for kids. It is definitely one to pull off the shelf for a bedtime story.

James Mase


Fred the Super was such a wonderful story about a ‘super’ friend who is kind, and always there when needed! Teaches the value of being helpful! Kids look forward to reading it weekly, and love the illustrations!



I loved the sweet message of this story and how the hero is a seemingly ordinary character who has a big heart. The illustrations are great, too!

Ruth Godfrey


This is a perfect book for little kids two and a half and older. It shows an ordinary evening of a bear supervisor in a big city. The city never sleeps, and the bear doesn't really get a break too. He works hard fixing never ending problems of his building. Water overflowing from the bathtub, water dripping from the ceiling - the super bear has a solution for everything. But he also is a very loving neighbor, who wouldn't let his friends sleep in a cold or danger. He opens his warm and cozy apartment to those in need. This book is so wonderful. The illustrations beautifully add to this story making it a perfect gift to a boy or a girl. It is a perfect book to read at bedtime: perfect length and perfect message for a good night sleep.



A Palm Tree's Christmas Wish is just the type of book you need to brighten your day. Pina Bird tells a wholesome Christmas story through this children's picture book that makes you smile while teaching a valuable lesson in kindness and acceptance. I loved how all the Christmas trees have distinct personalities and traits, and they make an impression on the reader in very different ways. There is a schoolyard dynamic between the group of Christmas trees and Phoenix, the palm tree, that feels very relatable. As a reader, you can't help but root for Phoenix to make friends with the other Christmas trees and fulfill her wish. Young readers will find a lot to love about this book -- from the lively characters to the colorful illustrations by Jennifer Kirkham. So grab a copy and embrace and enjoy the spirit of Christmas!

Pikasho Deka

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